Trump’s attacks on Mueller orchestrated as signal to Fox News allies to ‘go buck wild’ on special counsel
President Donald Trump has pushed ahead with tariffs on steel and aluminium imports, including from allies. (AFP/File / Olivier Douliery)

President Donald Trump has allegedly developed a signal to Fox News so that they will know when is the proper time to "go buck wild" on special counsel Robert Mueller and his investigation.

According to a Politico report, when Trump attacked Mueller on Twitter, his supporters went off online. In only a few hours the Drudge Report had a story accusing Mueller for the FBI's investigation into the 2001 anthrax attacks. Mueller ran the bureau at the time. Pro-Trump writer Sara Carter then posted a story claiming when Mueller was a special prosecutor in the mid-1980s he covered up the way the FBI worked with Mafia informant Whitey Bulger. She was then invited on Fox News to speak with Trump ally Sean Hannity.

Each of the attacks seemed to be a coordinated attempt to drop opposition research on Mueller. Videos surfaced of Mueller speculating on alleged weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, which proved to be false.

“It looks like the beginnings of a campaign,” said one source who knows of Trump's legal strategy. “It looks like they are trying to seed the ground. Ultimately if the president determines he wants to fire Mueller he’s going to want to make sure there’s ample public record that he can fall back on.”

Those who are close to the investigation believe it was a "crucial moment" when Trump went after Mueller. Trump had previously been hands-off, calling the investigation a "WITCH HUNT!" As Mueller's investigators close in on the president, however, he seems to be getting nervous.

Trump's former personal attorney John Dowd told a Daily Beast reporter that the Mueller investigation should be shutdown entirely. Dowd, however, told Politico he was only speaking for himself.

It was enough to make Republican Congressional members nervous. They rushed to TV cameras and responded to the seemingly coordinated attacks by reassuring the country that Trump was not going to fire Mueller.

“They just activate,” said former Breitbart Kurt Bardella spokesman. “They don’t need to have a conversation or a meeting or a memo. They know once that signal comes they’re free to, as Steve Bannon would say, ‘Go buck wild.’”

A CNN poll revealed Americans trust Mueller's probe over Trump's excuses, to the tune of 48 percent compared to 32 percent for the president.