UPDATE: Teacher with white supremacist podcast removed from Florida classroom
Dayanna Volitich’s staff photo on the Crystal River Middle School website

A Florida teacher who hosted a white supremacist podcast in which she bragged about indoctrinating her students has been removed from the classroom pending an investigation, the Miami Herald is reporting.

The teacher, Dayanna Voltich, had allegedly used an alias while interviewing leading white nationalists like the notorious "lipstick fascist" Lena Lokteff.

“Children is very important," the podcaster said. "The communists always knew that. They always wanted the minds of the children. That’s the future. So, if we can have more teachers in those positions, that would be great. And I do hear from teachers all the time, people who are closet 'Red Ice' listeners that support what we do and I think that’s fantastic. We need a lot more of that.”

The announced suspension came via Facebook announcement.

"The teacher has been removed from the classroom and the investigation is ongoing. Pursuant to Florida Statute an open investigation and materials related to it are exempt from public record and cannot be discussed until the investigation is complete," the statement from Citrus County schools said.