WATCH: Alleged mobster Felix Sater battles CNN's Chris Cuomo over Mueller probe involvement
Chris Cuomo, Felix Sater -- screengrab

On Friday morning a Soviet-born American businessman with a shady background, who claims he was a senior advisor to Donald Trump, coyly and repeatedly ducked questions from a persistent Chris Cuomo on whether he has spoken with investigators from special counsel Robert Mueller's office.

Saying he was coming on the air to clear up some misconceptions about his past and his relationship with Trump, businessman Felix Sater was instead pressed by the New Day host to divulge anything he could about the Russian investigation and his own part in it.

Alleged mobster Felix Sater ‘told family he knows he and POTUS are going to prison’

"There is this whole intelligence assets and spy story that goes along with your involvement here," Cuomo asked. "It is interesting to me that's motivating you to come out, not all these other questions that have been swirling around about you. To this point, whom have you gone and spoken to from the government about your involvement with trump and potential connections to Russia? Have you taken to Mueller's investigators?"

"I'm not at liberty to discuss the on-going investigations," Sater demurred.

"You can talk about who you spoke to, not the content of what you discussed," the CNN host suggested.

"I can only say that I have, in fact, testified in front of the Senate, in front of the House Intel Committee, but the rest of it i can't discuss until it actually comes out," Sater parried.

"But if you don't say 'I haven't spoken to the Mueller investigators,'" Cuomo began. "Certainly you could tell me if you haven't. There's no penalty to saying I didn't speak to Mueller's investigators. If you're not telling me I haven't spoken to the investigators, the assumption is that you have. Do you allow that analogy?"

"I cannot answer about anything that may be part of the  on going investigation," the businessmen once again stated.

"True," Cuomo allowed. "Except you could say if you haven't spoken to the investigators. you could say that."

"I choose not to," Sater bluntly stated with a knowing look.

Watch the video below via CNN: