WATCH: Carter Page jokes his way through Fox News talkshow -- but won't deny being a Russian spy when asked
Carter Page on Fox News/Screenshot

Carter Page, a former Trump campaign advisorat the center of the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential campaign, went on Fox News comedy show on Saturday night and called investigations a "joke."

Page bragged about his ties to the Kremlin from 2013 on, and was being watched by the FBI after one of his Russian contacts was busted spying on the U.S. The FISA warrant issued to surveil Page is at the center of the Nunes memo.

Page went on Greg Gutfeld's Saturday night talkshow where he was asked fright off the top if he is a spy.

"When I see you, you don't seem like a spy to me, which means you could be an amazing spy" Gutfeld said. "Are you a spy?

Perhaps oddly for a man who has been watched by U.S. intelligence for years because he holds pro-Russia views and has met with Russian spies, Page decided to answer with a joke.

"Well the North Koreans, they offered a much better deal. It was only $11 billion from the Russians, and they jacked it up a bunch" he said.

Gutfeld then pivoted the idea that Page is a victim.

"So why are they after you?" he asked.

"I think they figured out that I would be a pretty easygoing guy in terms of throwing out all these crazy stories," Page said.

Page did get a little serious when discussing the "civil rights abuses" he suffered and suggested that FISA warrants issued against him may have violated his First Amendment rights.

But the tone was light—Page even said that he would want Bruce Willis to play him in a movie.

You can watch the segment below.