WATCH:  CNN panel devolves into chaos after Trump backer claims the president is ‘protecting America’ from Putin
CNN panel fact-checking CNN political commentator Steve Cortes on AC 360.

Anderson Cooper's Tuesday night panel of political analysts descended into complete chaos when former Donald Trump campaign operative Steve Cortes attempted to argue that Trump had been harsh on Russian President Valdimir Putin. Cortes currently serves on Trump's Hispanic Advisory Council.

“Our own administration--not the president, the Treasury Department--says Russian government cyber actors have targeted the U.S. government and multiple critical infrastructures,” Paul Begala reminded. “Our energy sector, nuclear sector, commercial facilities, water, aviation--why the hell isn’t he protecting America today from ongoing attacks from Russia?”

"He is," Cortes claimed. "And you know how he's doing it?"

"By sucking up to Putin?" Begala answered.

At that point, Cortes attempted to claim Trump's "words" have been harsh on Putin, which caused all of the panelists at the table to jump all over him at once.

Though all of the cross-talk was difficult to decipher, it did not appear that the panel agreed with his contention that Trump has had harsh words for Putin.