Watch ex-AG Holder explain to Parkland survivor David Hogg the steps he needs to take to beat the NRA
Former Attorney General Eric Holder, Parkland survivor David Hogg -- HBO screengrabs

During the "Overtime" portion of the HBO's "Real Time," former Attorney General Eric Holder engaged Parkland survivor David Hogg in a fascinating discussion on how the NRA has manipulated gun laws in the U.S., with Holder giving the teen some tips for fighting back.

'The way I feel about gun reform is, we don't have many limitations on the 2nd Amendment," Hogg began. "I believe in owning a gun, my father has a gun... I do see a reason to have a weapon. But I think we should have limitations on the 2nd Amendment, just like we have limitations on the 1st."

"If the only thing that comes out of this tragedy is we outlaw bump stocks and we raise the age of people who are allowed to buy an AR-15, that will be a failure," Holder replied. "Because the reality of what we need to do, which I have always tried to do, is ban the sale of AR-15s, have universal background checks, and also take away the ability to buy these large magazines."

"See, the problem is, is makes way too much f*cking sense for our elected officials to take care of that," Hogg interjected.

Holder went on to talk about allowing the CDC to study the effects of gun violence, saying,"That's another thing that needs to be done."

Additionally, Holder criticized Republican lawmakers for limitations they have put on the ATF for maintaining records on gun purchases.

Watch the video below via HBO: