WATCH: Florida Gov. Rick Scott chickens out after reporters ask him about bill to arm school staff
Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R). Image via screengrab.

Despite paying lip service to increasing school safety, Florida Gov. Rick Scott refused to answer reporters' questions Wednesday when they asked him whether he'd sign a bill that would allow some teachers to carry weapons in schools in the wake of the mass shooting in Parkland on Valentine's Day.

"You know, the bill is still being debated," Scott said of the "Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Act," a sweeping piece of legislation that would simultaneously ban "bump stocks," increase the age to buy semi-automatic weapons to 21 and allow for more teachers and school staff to be armed on campuses.

"I've been clear, I don't think we ought to be arming teachers," the governor said when asked about the "marshal" provision in the bill, which would not arm teachers per se, but would allow other school personnel to be trained and armed. This could include "librarians, counselors and coaches," the New York Times noted on Tuesday.

Watch Scott's comments below, via Politico's Marc Caputo:

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