WATCH: Georgia religious leader perp-walked for allegedly running illegal law practice out of 'fake' church
Melva Washington arrest -- screenshot

The leader of a popular Christian church in Gwinnett, Georgia was taken into custody after authorities accused her of using her church as a front for multiple illegal businesses -- none of which she is licensed to run.

According to the Atlanta- Journal Constitution, 60-year-old Melva Washington was taken into custody and handcuffed at her Anointed Vision Church on Wednesday, with the authorities calling it a fake church concealing her other businesses.

The Georgia woman faces two counts of first-degree forgery, four counts of false statements or writings and three counts of unauthorized practice of law, according to legal filings following her arrest by a joint task force made up of police  and Homeland Security officials.

Authorities state that Washington, in addition to not being licensed to prepare taxes or give legal advice since -- she is not a lawyer -- also incurred the wrath of the Homeland Security for giving clients fake Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Program (DACA) paperwork, with one accuser saying he paid $1,200 for the documents.

Police state that Washington told her customers that she was a practicing lawyer and state that she may have forged documents for hundreds, if not thousands, of paying customers.

You can watch video of her perp walk below via WSB on Twitter: