WATCH: Hollywood woman throws racist tantrum after Hispanic man asks her to clean up after her dog
Ranting racist Hollywood woman -- screenshot via Facebook

In video posted to Facebook under the heading, "Trump effect in full effect," a white North Hollywood woman goes off on a racist harangue after a Hispanic man simply asked her pick up after her dog -- with the woman bellowing at him to "go back to Mexico."

According to CBS-LA, the altercation was recorded by Jardiel Ochoa who was working along the strip of lawn, when he observed the woman not picking up after her animal.

“You want me to go back to Mexico?” Ochoa is heard asking after the older woman begins yelling at him

“I sure do,” she replied, to which Ochoa responded, "Why?"

"I'm tired of your bossy attitude," the woman snarls before telling the man to leave her alone, accusing him of "stalking her" and threatening to report him.

“Well this is my property, and I’m in charge,” he replied.

The unidentified woman continued to rant at the man, telling him it isn't his property before raging that Mexicans “think they own America.”

“But we’re sending ’em back,” she added.

"Oh really? Well. I'm more American than you ma'am," Ochoa is heard replying.

Speaking with CBS, Ochoa added, "I think she should learn from it. We live in Los Angeles so you know there’s no reason to be racist."

You can watch the video below via Facebook: