Whistleblower says Robert Mercer should be investigated for using Trump digital ops to illegally funnel money
Christopher Wylie speaks to Members of U.K. Parliament (screen grab)

Whistleblower Christopher Wylie said on Tuesday that the billionaire behind President Trump's digital operations should be investigated for using his company, Cambridge Analytica, to illegally funnel millions into preferred campaigns.

In testimony before a British parliamentary committee, Wylie suggested that billionaire Robert Mercer was pumping millions into his company so that he could illegally funnel the money into campaigns by charging pennies on the dollar for digital services.

One MP noted during the testimony that Cambridge Analytica worked for the U.K. Independence Party during the Brexit campaign even though the party was known to be short on cash.

"You have to remember," Wylie replied, "part of the brilliance of Cambridge Analytica is it doesn't need to make money because it's Robert Mercer's project. Robert Mercer is a billionaire. He doesn't need to make money."

"If you, as an investor of a company, put money into that company, that's not classed as a political donation," he explained. "You can continue to invest purposefully in a company so that it can also work for particular entities at a subsidized rate or, indeed, in some cases for free."

Wylie argued that the committee should look into Mercer's funding of Cambridge Analytica to determine how the company could afford to lose money on clients.

"He was putting in $10-15 million U.S. to create an asset that then we were licensing for $50,000 in some cases," Wylie recalled. "That $50,000 -- it would have been physically impossible to get the same value and level of service and data for that amount of money in any other way."

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