White House tries new spin on Trump's Putin call: The president doesn't bother reading his briefing memos
Vladimir Putin shaking hands with Donald Trump - MSNBC screengrab

The Trump White House is putting a new spin on news that President Donald Trump congratulated Russian President Vladimir Putin despite being given a memo by his national security staff that specifically told him not to do so in all-capital letters.

A White House source tells Fox News reporter John Roberts that even though Trump was given a card that had the words "DO NOT CONGRATULATE" written on it, the president didn't choose to intentionally ignore his staffers' advice.

Rather, the official says, Trump "likely didn't see the memo as his pre-call briefing was by phone -- not in person -- and 'do not congratulate' was not mentioned in the phone briefing."

In addition to ignoring warnings against congratulating Putin, the president also reportedly ignored aides’ request to condemn Russia’s alleged use of a deadly nerve agent against a former Russian spy who is living in the United Kingdom.