Angry Trump-loving pastors stormed out of meeting after some evangelical leaders bashed the president: report
Christian leaders praying over Donald Trump in the Oval Office (Photo: Screen capture)

A group of Trump-loving preachers were so dismayed to hear criticism of the president from some of their fellow evangelical Christians that they reportedly walked out of a closed-door meeting at Wheaton College this week.

Christian broadcaster David Brody told Fox News on Thursday that many of the pro-Trump evangelicals felt ambushed at the meeting by attendees who said they were fed up being associated with Trump's divisive brand of politics.

"It was one-sided venting here is what happened," he said. "It was a two-day conference, the first side became, basically, this anti-Donald Trump free-for-all that and got so many folks ticked off... people walked out."

"It was supposed to be a meeting about evangelism and faith," Christian broadcaster Jenna Browder told Fox. "They really didn't realize what they were getting into."

Later in the segment, Brody suggested that these particular evangelical leaders might simply be jealous because they don't get the kind of access to the White House that prominent Trump supporters get.

"This is a meeting with a bunch of evangelicals who really have no say within the Trump administration," he said. "The fact that you had no Trump advisory group members there, I mean, I think that speaks volumes."