WATCH: Right-wing conspiracy theorist kicked out of Comey book signing after screaming he'll 'get locked up'
Laura Loomer being escorted out of a bookstore.

Notorious right-wing troll Laura Loomer was ejected from a book reading in New York City on Wednesday, after interrupting the event to scream at former FBI Director James Comey.

Comey, the author of the new book, A Higher Loyalty, was doing a reading at the Barnes and Noble's Union Square location, when Loomer began howling.

"You're going to get prosecuted, you're going to get locked up," she can be heard shouting, as security gathered around her.

The crowd did not seem to enjoy the distraction.

"Moron," one audience member can be heard saying.

"Don't defend the orange clown," another audience member remarked.

As security took her away, the audience cheered.

Loomer has also been banned by both Uber and Lyft.