'We can't rely on that old myth of inevitable progress': Watch Van Jones tackle shocking racist incidents by young people
Van Jones during his monologue/Screenshot

If progress was inevitable, you'd expect the human condition would be universally better than it is today.

Van Jones opened his Saturday show on CNN by explaining that it's important not to take this process for granted in the age of Trump.

"It's tempting to believe all we have to do is hold on because the youth are going to grow up and they'll fix everything," Jones said.

Jones then went on to discuss several trohbling incidents of racism by young people which happened this week, starting with the Syracuse University incident where fraternity members publicly pledged to be racist and homophobic. Then he talked about the racist gang driving pick-up trucks that showed up at a Michigan school to taunt black students as "slaves" after a black student took away a Confederate flag. Then he discussed threats at DePauw University.

"You've got hate-mongering from the 1930s popping up among today's kids," he said. "So maybe we can't rely on that old myth of inevitable progress."

"Freedom is a constant struggle," Jones said. "Take nothing for granted."

Watch below.