Chinese billionaire wallops Roger Stone with $100 million defamation suit over his InfoWars screeds
Roger Stone (Photo: Screen capture)

Roger Stone, a former advisor to President Donald Trump, is now being sued for defamation by a Chinese billionaire.

The Miami New Times noted Stone has had problems in the past "keeping his mouth shut," and the most recent consequence is a hefty $100 million lawsuit. Guo Wengui, known in America as "Miles Kwok," is suing in Miami federal court after Stone slammed him on InfoWars.

Stone alleged that Guo was laundering money to Hillary Clinton and Steve Bannon.

"Stone has publicly stated that Plaintiff Guo has been 'found guilty' and 'convicted' of financial crimes in the United States — this is not true," the lawsuit states. "Stone has publicly accused Plaintiff Guo of violating U.S. election law by making political donations to Hillary Clinton and financing a presidential run by Steven Bannon — this is not true. Mr. Stone should be held to account for these and other falsehoods about Mr. Guo."

When asked about the allegations, Stone called them "a crock of sh*t."

"This is essentially a political lawsuit and is a Kwok of Schiff," Stone told The New Times. "None of my reporting rises to the level of defamation. Mr. Kwok tweeted himself about his support for Steve Bannon's projects, and now he's suing me for reporting on it?... While I doubt this meritless suit will ever get to trial, my attorneys are very anxious to question Mr. Kwok about his relationship with both Chinese and American intelligence agencies."

The lawsuit is the latest in a series of defamation suits against InfoWars. The family of murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich is suing Fox News for continuously alleging that Rich was killed by the Clintons for political reasons. The conspiracy theory came from InfoWars and Rush Limbaugh. A Massachusetts man is suing InfoWars after the site incorrectly claimed that he was the Parkland shooter. Another man is also suing after he was accused of staging the Unite the Right car attack for the "deep State" Chobani yogurt is also suing the site for falsly alleging the company is linked to a sexual assault case.

While the report conceded that Gua is a "mysterious figure" and came to the U.S. fleeing corruption charges in China. Guo, however, claimed that the charges against him are false and retaliation for calling out corruption in the Chinese government.

Guo has begun live-streaming online to troll high-ranking Chinese officials he accuses of corruption.