CNN's Don Lemon rips Trump for ignoring Waffle House shooting because it didn't involve a Muslim attacker
CNN's Don Lemon

Following an impassioned attack by CNN commentator Angela Rye on President Donald Trump for his immigrant "breeding" Twitter comment, CNN Tonight host Don Lemon called out the president for ignoring an attack on a Tennessee Waffle House restaurant because the assailant was a white man with ties to conservative extremists.

After Rye took Trump to task -- calling the president a "clown" -- over his tweet, Lemon weighed in on the arrest of Travis Reinking, 29, who allegedly killed four at the 24-hour diner just  outside Nashville.

"It would be nice if he tweeted about the four people who lost their lives in the Waffle House, the four black people who lost their lives, and the black hero from that, but not unless it's a Muslim does he tweet about something like that," Lemon bluntly stated.

You can watch the video below: