CNN's Jack Kingston pours cold water on Donald Trump Nobel Peace Prize talk
Jack Kingston on CNN

Appearing on CNN's New Day, ardent Trump supporter Jack Kingston said talk about President Donald Trump receiving a Nobel Peace Prize over the thaw in relations between North and South Korea is premature.

As Trump addressed a crowd in Macomb County, Michigan, on Saturday night his fans began chanting "Nobel, Nobel," as the president beamed and soaked up the adulation.

"In reference to the Nobel Prize," CNN host Victor Blackwell asked, "has the president earned those chants of Nobel?"

"Not yet," Kington replied. "I actually think that the expectations are very high. I think we should all be enthusiastic and the world is watching. However, it's not done yet."

Appearing with Kingston, columnist Brent Bodowsky also downplayed the Nobel talk, calling it the result of "atmospherics" around the announcement while also saying Trump's claim that North Korean strongman Kim Jong-un is "honorable and very open" was "ludicrous and inaccurate."

"The CIA equivalent in North Korea was telling Kim Jong-un, 'I think we have a sucker here. He wants a deal too much and he is praising you,'" Budowsky added.

You can watch the video below via CNN: