Combative Kellyanne Conway refuses to say why Trump tweeted about 'flipping' Cohen if the president is innocent
Kellyanne Conway -- screenshot

In a combative interview with CNN's Dana Bash, Kellyanne Conway, Counselor to Donald Trump, repeatedly refused to address why the president tweeted that he wasn't worried about his personal lawyer, Micheal Cohen, "flipping on him" if there nothing to tell.

Appearing on CNN's State of the Union, Conway was her usual manic self, batting away questions she didn't want to answer and ducking Bash's repeated entreaties to explain Trump's tweets.

"Why is the president talking about the notion of Michael Cohen flipping if the president didn't do anything wrong?" Bash asked.

"Look at everything the president said about Michael Cohen," Conway attempted. "He is defending someone who he has worked with and known for a dozen plus years who he thinks is being treated unfairly. Two tales: you have Jim Comey going out on a big book tour after saying 'I don't leak, I'm not sneaky,' and doing all of the above."

"More on that in a moment," she continued. "And then you have Michael Cohen who the president believes is being treated unfairly at this moment."

"Let me get back to the original question which is at its core what does the president have to hide that he is worried that Michael Cohen will flip over?" Bash pressed. "What information does he have to give?"

"That wasn't your original question respectfully," Conway shot back. "He is saying this is a fine family man. He thinks he is being treated unfairly."

"My initial question was what does he have to hide if the president didn't do anything wrong? Are you confident?" Bash persisted. "Just trying to see if you can tell me if the president did unequivocally nothing wrong that he is worried that Michael Cohen will tell the feds about."

"You're asking me what do I know is in documents over a dozen or so years<" the White House aide deflected again. "I'm telling you the president's concerns have been for Michael Cohen and the way he has been treated."

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