Donald Trump no longer has an interest in speaking with Robert Mueller and intends to fight it: NYT
Former FBI Director Robert Mueller said cyber security will be the number one future threat in the country, but for the time being, "counterterrorism and stopping terrorist attacks" is more important. (Photo: Kit Fox/Medill Flickr)

President Donald Trump has reversed course on being interviewed by special counsel Robert Mueller, New York Times reporter Michael Schmidt reported on MSNBC's Deadline: White House.

“I would love to do it, and I would like to do it as soon as possible,” Trump said in January.

That may no longer be the case.

"You did a lot of reporting on the struggle to find lawyers, let me ask you about a lawyer whose name is being whispered about today, Marc Kasowitz is back in the news," MSNBC anchor Nicolle Wallace noted. "Do you have any reporting that suggests he's back in the inner circle helping the president deal with this crisis?"

"He's back, but he never left. Last summer Kasowitz was fired as Trump's lead lawyer on the Russia, Mueller investigation," Schmidt reminded. "But the thing, like everyone in Trump world, you're never really gone and Kasowitz continued to remain in the picture, he continued to represent the president in the civil matters that he has and has had an increasingly larger role in the recent months as other lawyers have fallen out."

"And now he is working with Jay Sekulow, the president's Washington lawyer down here," he continued. "He's back in helping the president deal with the special counsel's investigation."

The Times reporter analyzed what this could mean for President Trump's legal defense.

"The important thing to know about Kasowitz and to see going forward is that he wanted to take an adversarial approach to Mueller and does that mean that the president will do that as well?" he noted.

"What we've heard today is that the president does not want to sit down any more for an interview with Mueller," Schmidt reported. "He really wanted to do that, but at this point he has -- he's even more angry with him, even more distrustful of this and he is now listening to his lawyers on this, his lawyers being the ones who did not want him to do the interview."