'Even Steve Bannon thought it was a bad idea!': Watch Republican Rick Wilson go off on Trump Jr's meeting with Russian spy
Republican Rick Wilson screams about Trump Jr's meeting with a Russian spy/Screenshot

The lawyer who met with Donald Trump Jr. to offer dirt on Hillary Clinton admitted Friday that she is a Kremlin agent.

On Saturday, a CNN panel discussing the revelation got heated after guests started talking about just how shocking it is that the campaign team for an American presidential candidate met with someone tied to a foreign power to discuss getting dirt on an opponent, as the younger Trump admitted almost a year ago.

Republican strategist Rick Wilson was especially animated.

"It's important to remember that the Russian oligarch class, Russian intelligence services, Russian organized crime—they're all of a piece," he said. "This is a classic part of their recruitment methodology."

Even if you accept Trump Jr's version at face value, he said, "it's dirty as hell."

"Even Steve Bannon thought it's a bad idea," he said. "That's the gold standard of identifying bad ideas."

Watch below.