Former federal prosecutor smacks down Fox News legal analyst's 'deliberately misleading attack' on Mueller
Special counsel and former FBI director Bob Mueller (image via screengrab).

A legal analyst for Fox News was slapped down for making multiple errors of "law and fact" in an attack on special counsel Robert Mueller. Fox analyst Gregg Jarrett faced the wrath of former federal prosecutor Renato Mariotti after asking Mueller and DOJ Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to resign.

"Unethical Mueller, in his court filing, admits that Rosenstein’s order appointing him was intentionally vague," Jarrett claimed. "This violates the special counsel law that requires a specific statement of facts to be investigated."

"Rosenstein and Muller (sic) colluded to break the law and should resign," Jarrett demanded.

Former federal prosecutor Renato Mariotti posted a link to Jarrett's claims and asked, "Can you spot all of the errors in his 280-character attack on Mueller?"

Mariotti charged "Jarrett's attack is full of basic errors of law and fact."

And Mariotti listed the errors.

"Jarrett's attack on Mueller is factually and legally inaccurate and fails to take into account what Mueller said in the court filing that Jarrett supposedly read and is responding to," Mariotti concluded. "He shouldn't be passing off this deliberately misleading attack as 'analysis.'"

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