'You are flying your asshat flag': Stormy Daniels levels Twitter troll for implying sex workers can't be assaulted
Adult film star Stormy Daniels -- screenshot

Stephanie Clifford, an adult film star who goes by the name Stormy Daniels, fired back at a Twitter troll over the weekend who implied that sex workers give up their right not to be sexually assaulted.

In a tweet on Sunday, Clifford called out Twitter user Angela Chochi, who claims to be a Trump supporter and member of the NRA. Chochi charged that Clifford gave up her "#MeToo card" when she became an adult entertainer.

Clifford shut down the suggestion with a single tweet.

"You are implying that women with certain jobs cannot be assaulted," Clifford shot back. "This is a disgusting and terrifying thought process. For the record, I have stated numerous times that I am not claiming a '#metoo card' but I see you are definitely flying your asshat flag."

Read the tweets below.