Former Bush spokesman Ari Fleischer finally tells the story of infamous 'Mission Accomplished' banner
George W. Bush giving a speech during the early days of the war in Iraq with the infamous "Mission Accomplished" banner behind him/Screenshot

Former George W. Bush spokesman Ari Fleischer is generally more sympathetic of Donald Trump than many others from the last Republican administration.

But Donald Trump's poorly conceived "Mission Accomplished" tweet following Friday's attack on Syria was an exception.

"I would have recommended ending this tweet with not those two words," he wrote on Twitter.

In a series of tweets, Fleischer then laid out "the full story" of the infamous banner behind George W. Bush during the attack on Iraq that started the war that the U.S. is still fighting 15 years later.

"I get the symbolism that came back to bite us months later when the war turned and the insurrection grew," he wrote.

Here's the story—with an important caveat at the end.

It's worth mentioning that Fleischer has previously taken responsibility, saying: "We put it up. We made the sign. But I think it accurately summed up where we were at the time, mission accomplished... the mission was to topple Saddam Hussein.