Fox News regulars Diamond & Silk have Twitter meltdown after Facebook labels their videos 'unsafe to the community'
Diamond & Silk on Fox & Friends -- screenshot

"Diamond and Silk," the two North Carolina sisters who have profitably promoted themselves as Donald Trump's biggest fans, took to Fox & Friends and Twitter this weekend in a panic after Facebook determined their content --primarily videos -- is “unsafe to the community,” causing their traffic to collapse while hitting them in the pocketbooks.

The two, dubbed by MSNBC host Joy Reid as "Cubic Zirconia and Rayon," (real names Lynnette "Diamond" Hardaway and Rochelle "Silk" Richardson), have become recognizable regulars on Fox News where they are notable for siting side-by-side and opining on the political topic du jour.

However things have taken a turn for the worse in the past six months as Facebook informed the two that their videos are unacceptable on the social media site.

With Facebook telling the two the company's  decision is irrevocable,  Diamond and Silk blew up on Twitter and accused the publicly-traded company of "censorship" before hitting the Fox News airwaves to vent some more.

You can also watch Diamond and Silk rage against the Zuckerberg machine on Fox News below: