Fox News' Shep Smith tears into Trump over nomination of Dr. Ronny ‘Candy Man’ Jackson
Fox New's Shep Smith [Photo: Screenshot]

Donald Trump has nominated the president's personal doctor, Dr. Ronny Jackson to lead the Veterans Administration.

Both Democrats and Republicans personally like Jackson. But there are allegations that he drank on the job and at least one US Senator has said his popularity stems from the fact that he was known as a "candy man" who happily handed out pills when asked.

Shep Smith tore into the nomination on Wednesday, saying that the president appears to know he made a mistake but is unwilling to admit it.

"The fact is, running a doctor's office in the White House that has 50 employees and running the second-largest agency in the United States government with 360,000 people, those are two different things."

If he's not qualified, he's not qualified, Smith said—which is a different subject than whether he's a "candy man" or a day-drunk.

"They seem to be, on some level, possibly conflating them," he said.

Watch below.