'Give me a break': California Rep calls BS on Trump blaming Democrats for DACA mess -- 'he created this crisis'
Donald Trump at school shooting listening session (Photo: Screen capture)

An angry California Congressman repeated over and over again "give me a break," as CNN's Jim Sciutto read President Donald Trump's tweets about Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).

During a Monday morning interview, an incensed Rep. John Garamendi (D-CA) asked what the president thinks he's doing and specifically what does spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders "think she's doing."

During a Fox News interview, Sanders alleged that Democrats "refused to actually put anything on the table." As a fact check, there have been multiple plans presented to the president and Republicans. Indeed, there is a bipartisan agreement in the Senate on that Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) has spent years developing and negotiating. Durbin has said that Trump's opinion on the legislation seems to change almost daily. Similarly, it was Trump the decided to end the DACA program.

"There are certain facts, certain things that are well-known," Garamendi began. "The DACA program was in place. There was a question about its legality -- that's a court issue. What did the president do? He promised during his campaign two things, one he would terminate DACA. He did that. He created this crisis. He created this problem all by himself. It wasn't something that needed to be done. Maybe the court's would have ruled overtime that it had to be changed. OK, that could have happened. He terminated the program."

He went on to say that the Democrats have done a lot to try and work with the president, still to no avail.

"Next, with regard to the negotiations, we have been negotiating with this president," he said. "He's the one that put the border wall up as leverage on DACA. You won't get DACA until the president gets his big, beautiful border wall. We actually offered a pile of money for the border wall and he turned it down."

He went on to say "it's a problem that he is using these DACA people as leverage to get his border wall. The fact of the matter, his border wall doesn't make us more secure. Much it wastes a pile of money and now he wants to take the money out of military -- this is crazy."

Watch the full interview below: