'Go home 2018, you're drunk': Incredulous Jake Tapper 'tries to make sense' of Cohen-Hannity bombshell
CNN's Jake Tapper

CNN’s Jake Tapper on Monday reacted to the stunning news that Donald Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen is also a lawyer for Fox News host Sean Hannity, quipping, “go home 2018—you’re drunk.”

Tapper was reporting on news Monday out of a Manhattan federal courthouse, where Cohen was forced to admit his third client is avid Trump supporter Sean Hannity.

“Words that surely have never before been said by any news anchor in any circumstance: the president's personal lawyer Michael Cohen—who is under criminal investigation—is appearing in court right now alongside Stormy Daniels, and there is already a bombshell revelation,” Tapper began.

“What should have been a very simple hearing with the judge making a simple decision has turned into one bombshell after the other,” CNN’s Shimon Prokupecz explained. “And just a short time ago the judge forcing Michael Cohen's attorney to reveal who this mystery third person … after countless arguments by two attorneys representing Michael Cohen and also a media attorney there arguing for us in the press.”

Prokupecz said Cohen’s lawyer eventually disclosed that Sean Hannity is his mysterious third client and “as can you imagine, there was really shock in the courtroom.”

Watch below, via CNN: