Hannity 'basically has a desk' in Trump's White House — and sometimes helps him write tweets
Donald Trump and Sean Hannity (Fox News/screen grab)

According to White House aides, President Donald Trump speaks "frequently" to Fox News personality Sean Hannity — and he is one of only a few people who are "immediately patched through" to the president when he calls.

Sources that spoke to the Washington Post on condition of anonymity told reporters that Hannity and Trump speak on everything from the president's frustrations with special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia probe to what he should tweet next.

"He basically has a desk in the place," one presidential adviser told the Post on condition of anonymity in the wake of revelations that Hannity has in the past year hired Jay Sekulow, Trump's Russia probe lawyer, and was named as the mysterious third client of the president's longtime personal attorney Michael Cohen.

"Several West Wing aides and friends of the president pointed to their running conversations — whether they take place over the phone or on the golf course in Florida as they did in late March — as crucial to understanding this moment in the Trump presidency," the report noted, "when the president is eager to return to the combative and television-infused style of his business career and more isolated than ever from the traditional Republicans who have struggled to guide him."