'He's a cardboard cutout piece of sh*tf*ck': Actor Ron Perlman explains why he would never play the role of Trump
Ron Perlman at Comic Con in San Diego in 2010, photo by Gage Skidmore

Actor Ron Perlman would refuse roles portraying President Donald Trump, he vowed during an interview with The Daily Beast.

“F*ck no,” Perlman said of playing Trump when asked at a press junket. “Not interested in one-dimensional people who have no redeeming value and nothing that is psychologically compelling.”

Could Trump's "insecurity, his braggadocio, his compulsive lying" make for compelling psychological issues, The Beast asked.

“I’ve played serial killers and real bad guys, and there is always some sort of psychological gap there,” he said. “Trump doesn’t possess any of them."

"He’s just a cardboard cutout piece of sh*tf*ck," he concluded. "There’s nothing there to explore. He’s one-dimensional, and he’s not clever."

"He’d be very boring to play," Perlman added.

The Golden Globe Award winner has also used his popular Twitter account to voice his thoughts on President Trump.