'He’s lying’: Morning Joe calls out media for sugarcoating Trump’s conspiracy theories
Joe Scarborough and Donald Trump (MSNBC)

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough called out reporters for their reluctance to characterize President Donald Trump's wild claims for what they are -- lies.

The "Morning Joe" host said the president had reverted to his habits on the campaign trail, when he would toss away his prepared script and ramble about whatever topics that came to mind, whether they were based on reality or not.

"This week we've been talking a lot about the lies that Donald Trump has been telling, and when I say lies there's no opinion about that," Scarborough said. "He says things that are objectively proven (untrue), and it continues whether it was the post office or Amazon or the Washington Post, or you can go down the list."

Scarborough said journalists should stop tiptoeing around these demonstrably untrue statements and accurately inform their readers and viewers that Trump is lying.

"He continues this lying streak and we can call it a lie -- it's not being biased, it's being a reporter," Scarborough said. "He lies about, once again, millions of illegal voters when there is no data, there is no evidence."

The president claimed women were being raped by immigrants traveling north in a caravan through Mexico, and he suggested the media was trying to cover up his unsupported claims.

"They don't want to mention it because it's a lie," Scarborough said. "Like so many things that the president has said, he's lying over and over again."