'How'd you like that pee pee tape?' Watch Robert DeNiro and Ben Stiller play Cohen and Mueller to open Saturday Night Live
Mueller and Cohen on Saturday Night Live/Screenshot

Donald Trump had a wild week, beginning with the raid of the offices and residences of his longtime lawyer Michael Cohen, which the president called "a war on our country."

It made great fodder for Saturday Night Live's opening sketch, which found Ben Stiller playing Michael Cohen and Robert DeNiro playing Robert Mueller. The two men reprised a scene from Meet The Parents in which De Niro gave his would-be son-in-law a lie-detector test.

"You can milk anything with nipples," Cohen said.

"Really? I have nipples, can you milk me?" De Niro asked.

Reports after the raid indicate that Cohen may have routinely made recordings of phone conversations—including of conversations with Stormy Daniels former lawyer.

Saturday Night Live got it all into the sketch—along with some classic lines. Watch below.