Trump sounds off on FBI's 'disgraceful' raid of his personal lawyer Michael Cohen: 'An attack on our country'

Responding to news that his longtime personal attorney Michael Cohen had been raided by the FBI, President Donald Trump called the search a "disgrace" and an "attack on our country."

Seated between Vice President Mike Pence and his new national security adviser John Bolton, Trump told reporters the raid was a "disgraceful situation," a "witch hunt" and a "whole new level of unfairness." He then switched gears to point the finger at Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who he said made a "terrible mistake."

Trump also suggested that he learned of the raid on Cohen's office and residence by the FBI from news reports — a claim refuted by prior reporting by CNN, who said he knew about the raid after it happened but before it was publicized.

The comments came during a national security meeting pegged to a potential military response to the alleged chemical attack in Syria over the weekend. Watch below: