'I'd wet my pants': Ex-CIA officer nails the significance of Trump's status as a 'subject' of Mueller's probe
Phil Mudd (Photo: screen capture)

Former CIA counterintelligence official Phil Mudd on Tuesday laid out why he wouldn’t rest easy given a new report that special counsel Robert Mueller has told Donald Trump’s lawyers the president is not a “criminal target” of the Russia probe—but remains a subject of his investigation

“I think we're too soft on this,” Mudd told his CNN colleagues on Tuesday. “If someone walked in my room—in particular, FBI investigators—I‘ve been questioned as a witness, not a subject. If someone walked in my office and said I was a subject of a multi-year criminal investigation led by a former FBI director, Robert Mueller, I'd wet my pants.”

“I mean this is significant,” he continued. “The president is the subject of a criminal investigation. If he goes into questioning in a room and he lies about what he's done or said over the course of time, he could transition from a subject to a target.”

Watch the video below: