Mueller told Trump's lawyers he's not yet a 'criminal target' of the Russia probe -- but advisers worry it may be a trap
Robert Mueller, Donald Trump (Photos: Screen captures)

Special counsel Robert Mueller reportedly told Donald Trump's lawyers the president is not a "criminal target" of the Russia investigation — but some people close to the West Wing worry it may be a technique designed to lure him into an in-person interview.

The Washington Post reported Tuesday night that Mueller told Trump's lawyers that the president remains one of the subjects of the Russia probe, and is preparing a report on his actions and potential obstruction of justice, according to three sources close to the investigation.

Mueller, the report continued, reiterated during March meetings with Trump's lawyers that he is invested in having a sit-down meeting with the president.

While Trump and some close to him reportedly feel emboldened by Mueller's "assurance," the Post's sources said some other advisers were worried the special counsel might be attempting to "bait" the president into an interview — a move that "could put the president in greater legal peril."

Former FBI agent and current CNN analyst Josh Campbell delineated on Twitter the difference in severity between a "target" and "subject" of an investigation.