Lewandowski goes on MSNBC to defend Trump humiliating his own cabinet by firing them on Twitter
Corey Lewandowski on MSNBC_ screenshot

Appearing on MSNBC on Tuesday afternoon, fast-talking former Donald Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski brushed aside the appropriateness of the president firing high level cabinet members via Twitter, saying anyone ousted knew they were on thin ice before being dumped.

Speaking with host Andrea Mitchell, the Trump confidante -- who currently heads up a conservative political PAC -- explained that the jury was still out on whether Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt would weather the storm over his extravagant travel expenditures pending an investigation by the department's inspector general.

'"What do you think of all of the cabinet issues and the challenges that the president has had?" Mitchell began after some chit chat about the White House Easter Egg Roll. "Clearly in some of the ethical problems for [HUD Secretary] Ben Carson, Scott Pruitt, now the ouster of [Veterans Administration Head] David Shulkin, it is a year and some months in and they're still not settled."

"What I believe General [John] Kelly has said he's waiting for the IG reports to come out from a number of these respective agencies," Lewandowsky responded. "We've seen that the president wasn't happy with the VA administrator, so he's been removed. Now we have an admiral going in to take over that if he is confirmed by the Senate."

"But the IG reports that are being looked at by not just the EPA, but also HUD and others are going to be a telltale sign," he continued. "These are investigative opportunities that fall outside the political sphere and this is going to present the administration a true and full understanding of were any laws broken, was there anything that was inappropriate."

With the possibility that Trump may be forced by Kelly to fire Pruitt, Mitchell pressed Lewandowsky about Trump's habit of announcing firings on Twitter without informing the ousted official personally.

"What about the habit of letting people know that they're fired on Twitter?" the MSNBC host asked. "It's happened now with [ex-Secretary of State] Rex Tillerson. It happened with Shulkin. They've gotten a heads-up to watch the president's tweets from John Kelly. But the actual firing took place on Twitter, the announcement of the firing. "

"Well, I do believe that in the case of the VA secretary, he had a conversation with the chief of staff prior to it going out," Lewandowsky shot back, blowing by Trump's Twitter habit. "I believe, as it related to Rex Tillerson, it was also reported that General Kelly had a conversation with Secretary Tillerson, asked him to return from his overseas trip early because they knew that this was in the works."

"I don't think in either of those cases this was a surprise to either of the individuals," Lewandoski protested. "They both knew that there was some significant problems with the agency that they were running."

Lewandowsky later added that he didn't think the president should issue pardons to former Trump associates Paul Manafort and Micheal Flynn, but added that he thought former FBI Assistant Director Andrew McCabe should be investigated and charged with lying to the FBI and Congress.

You can watch the video below via MSNBC: