Mafia-linked businessman who tried to help Trump strike a Moscow deal grilled by Senate intel committee for 7 hours
Felix Sater and Donald Trump, screengrab from BBC Panorama

After speaking with both the House Intelligence Committee and special counsel Robert Mueller, a Trump business associate who was recently outed as an American spy spent seven hours before the Senate Intelligence Committee in a closed-door meeting.

BuzzFeed News reported that people who were at the Senate meeting with Felix Sater — a Soviet-born businessman who revealed to the House in March that he was an undercover informant for American intelligence forces for more than a decade — would not say what happened behind the chambers' doors. They did, however, note that investigators on the committee likely interviewed him about the proposed 2015 Trump Tower deal he tried to help the president strike in Moscow and "a supposed Ukrainian 'peace plan.'"

Sater, BuzzFeed noted, is "more than a hundred witnesses the Senate Intelligence Committee — which has taken the lead on congressional investigations into potential collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia — has interviewed since the start of the probe in January 2017."