Meghan McCain rips Trump for claiming to support vets while nominating Ronny Jackson -- 'worst abomination' yet
"The View" co-host Meghan McCain (Photo: Screen capture)

Republican commentator Meghan McCain is no stranger to issues facing veterans. That's why she's so horrified by the nominee President Donald Trump has put forward to lead the Department of Veterans Affairs.

In the Wednesday episode of "The View," McCain noted that Trump tried to pretend he was a great admirer of the troops, but has shown vets anything but since taking office. She cited poll numbers from the Afghanistan and Iraq Veterans of America that showed only 29 percent of veterans support nominee Ronny Jackson.

"It's a complete mess," McCain quoted her friend Paul Rieckhoff, the CEO of the group.

"Our veterans and the VA deserve so much better than this on so many different levels," she said. She wondered how the man was nominated to begin with. Long before it was revealed that he has concerning past behaviors, McCain said he wasn't qualified to lead the department.

Co-host Sunny Hostin quoted Trump saying, “I know there’s an experience problem, because lack of experience. But there’s an experience problem — the Veterans Administration is very important to me.”

"What does that even mean?" Sara Haines asked. "Like, I don't even understand that quote."

Whoopi Goldberg cut in to point out that a number of Trump's cabinet members lack the experience.

"Rick Perry, who wanted to dismantle the Department of Energy is now running it. Scott Pruitt, who is a climate change skeptic, who's been funded by the fossil fuel industry, is head of the EPA. Ben Carson, a medical doctor. Maybe someone who actually could have done some good in the VA, where is he? He's in charge of Housing and Urban Development because one time he passed a project. Jim Bridenstine, who has no background in science what so ever, is the new head of NASA. So, this is normal."

McCain noted that during the election Trump even skipped a presidential debate because he said he wanted to raise money for veterans.

"He has attacked veterans and claimed to be the soothsayer of all things -- regardless of the fact that he never served. And for him to put this man up after, by the way, 200 veterans died in Phoenix at the VA that I went to school down the street from. And we're still doing nothing," McCain said. "This is, for me, one of the worst abominations of the administration."

Watch the full conversation below: