MSNBC panel mocks Giuliani plan to end Mueller investigation in two weeks: Only if it's a 'plea bargain'
Former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Department of Defense photograph.

The legal skills of former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani were evaluated -- then mocked -- by a panel on MSNBC on Saturday.

"The former New York mayor is joining the president's legal team," anchor Alex Witt explained. "He told the New York Post he thinks he can negotiate an end to the investigation quickly."

"Is that spin?" Witt asked. "And if so, what do you think he plans to do in a week or two if that probe is still hanging over the president?"

"I think Giuliani is a smart guy, but I am not convinced that there is any way that anybody can bring this will thing to a resolution in a week or two," answered former George H.W. Bush aide Joe Watkins.

"He can close the deal out in two weeks -- sure -- if he's negotiating a plea bargain," suggested GOP strategist Rick Tyler, to laughs from the other guests.

"There is no possible way this is going the close in two weeks," Tyler continued. "Giuliani is a smart guy, but hasn't really practiced criminal law in quite some time. The president likes people to go on TV and defend him, that's what I really think he was hired for."

But Tyler, a public relations specialist, did not even think the former mayor was doing a good job a communicating Trump's legal position.

"The first thing that Giuliani should do is get the president to stop tweeting," Tyler advised.

"Look, if Giuliani can get the president to stop tweeting, I think we all deserve to pay him for doing so," Witt joked.