MSNBC panelist explains why Trump's Easter immigration tweets are so scary: Stephen Miller
Stephen Miller and Betsy Woodruff/Screenshot

When it comes to persuading Donald Trump, it's been reported that the last person in the room often has big advantage.

Over Easter weekend, chief of staff stayed behind while arch-nationalist Stephen Miller accompanied Trump to Mar-A-Lago.

Betsy Woodruff of the Daily Beast saw a direct line between that and Trump's extremist statements about "caravans" of migrants.

"The president's public statements and tweets are pure Stephen Miller," she said. "He traveled to Mar-A-Lago with Trump this weekend and it clearly shows."

Miller has been pushing the idea that DACA is responsible for immigration problems for years, Woodruff pointed out, despite all the evidence to the contrary.

"It suggests Stephen Miller is ascendant in his circle," Woodruff said.

What makes the situation worse is that Trump doesn't really understand DACA, as another panelist pointed out.

Watch below.