MSNBC’s Morning Joe crushes ‘desperate Trump stooge’ Sean Hannity for 'beneath contempt' Mueller report
Sean Hannity, Joe Scarborough -- screenshots

MSNBC Joe Scarborough launched into a lengthy diatribe against Sean Hannity over a bonkers and bizarre Wednesday night report that detailed what the Fox New personality called a conspiracy within the "Mueller crime family."

With co-host Mika Brzezinski calling Hannity a 'Trump stooge" before the segment, the Morning Joe host shared outrageous portions of the report, before ripping into Hannity.

"It's beneath contempt," Scarborough fumed. "Sean Hannity is a desperate, desperate man, desperately defending a desperate, desperate president. Sean Hannity has a show that Shep Smith and the rest of the news people at Fox News consider to be a joke. They call it fake news, they call it entertainment and that's fine if people want to be entertained that way at night."

"People watch the Kardashians, too. But when you have people at Fox News saying, 'that's not really news, that's entertainment,' it is," Scarborough continued, before turning to Hannity's attack on special counsel Robert Mueller. "It's trash, though, the fact that he is entertained and the fact that other people are entertained, by trashing a hero in Vietnam, by trashing a man that guided America through 9/11, a man that's dedicated his entire life to protecting Americans at home and abroad, is beneath contempt. and it shows how desperate they all are."

"I don't know how stupid he thinks Americans are," Scarborough stated. "But it's very insulting to Fox viewers that Joe diGenova thinks viewers are such idiots that they think that James Comey helped Hillary Clinton. James Comey wrote the letter ten days before the election that elected Donald Trump."

You can watch the video below via MSNBC: