Mueller's team has evidence of a key Steele dossier claim about Michael Cohen in Prague
Trump lawyer Michael Cohen (

Special counsel Robert Mueller reportedly has evidence corroborating a key claim from an infamous dossier authored by ex-MI6 spy Christopher Steele about the president's longtime personal attorney Michael Cohen.

McClatchy reported Friday that federal investigators have information about Cohen taking a trip in the summer of 2016 to Prague — an allegation about Trump's attorney included in Steele's controversial dossier.

In the dossier, Steele alleged that Cohen met with a prominent Russian official believed to be Konstantin Kosachev, the chairman of a Foreign Affairs Committee in the Russian legislature described as a "close ally" of Russian President Vladimir Putin. McClatchy's two sources close to the matter were unable to confirm whether Mueller has information about whether Cohen met with Kosachev, who was one of the "Russian oligarchs" sanctioned by President Donald Trump earlier this month.

Cohen claimed in 2017 that he'd never been to Prague in a tweet that included a photo of his closed passport.