'It's not her job to behave': Veteran journalist Howard Fineman schools colleagues for bemoaning Michelle Wolf
Michelle Wolf and Howard Fineman (Twitter/Howard Fineman)

NBC analyst Howard Fineman suggested on Sunday that pundits on the left and right should let go of their apparent outrage over Michelle Wolf's comedy routine at Saturday's White House Correspondent's Dinner.

Following Wolf's appearance as the headliner at Saturday's event, talking heads at CNN, MSNBC and Fox News all panned the performance, calling it "disgusting" and called it a setback for journalism.

Fineman, on the other hand, saw things differently.

In a tweet defending Wolf, Fineman wrote: "1. Yep: blunt, crude, pitiless. Remind you of, say, a president? 2. She torched EVERYONE, even #Dems, #Stormy, #media. 3. She wasn’t playing to all America or the room, but to her #Netflix deal. 4. She was INVITED. 5. It’s not her job to behave. 6. She’s funny."