NY school board member gives thumbs-up to Facebook meme depicting Parkland teen as Hitler Youth
Massapequa school board member Brian Butler

A school board member in the hamlet of Massapequa, New York this week drew outrage from parents after he "liked" a meme that depicted Parkland school shooting survivor David Hogg as a Hitler Youth.

News 12 Long Island reports that Massapequa school board member Brian Butler this week gave a thumbs-up to a Facebook meme that showed Hogg dressed in a Hitler Youth uniform along with the caption, "Did you ever imagine the day would come when Americans would march in the streets begging for this government to strip them of their rights?"

Parent Karen Higgins, who complained to the school board about the offensive post, tells News 12 Long Island that Butler's stated rationale for liking the meme was nearly as offensive as the meme itself.

"He proceeded to post about how people, adults, are using these youths, and indoctrinating them, and soon we're going to be taking away the guns, likening it to what happened in the Nazi era," Higgins said. "That, in and of itself, I find to be incredibly offensive."

While the school board hasn't taken any action to oust Butler yet, Butler has said that he will host a news conference to address the controversy.

Watch News 12 Long Island's report on the controversy below.