‘Poster child for Trump’s intolerance’: Ex-evangelist rains holy hell on ‘converted Catholic’ Laura Ingraham
Laura Ingraham, Donald Trump -- (Fox News screeshot/AFP)

Appearing on MSNBC on Sunday morning, a former evangelist launched a broadside at Fox News host Laura Ingraham, questioning her commitment to her faith after she attacked a Parkland teen who recently lived through a gun massacre at his high school.

Speaking with AM Joy host Joy Reid, religious commentator Frank Schaeffer -- the son of a prominent Christian theologian -- said he knows Ingraham from having appeared on her show and that he is appalled that she has turned into a doppelganger of President Donald Trump.

Addressing evangelical support for Trump, despite allegations that the president conducted affairs with a porn star and a Playboy playmate, Schaeffer called out the Fox News host who has made a highly publicized admission of converting to Catholicism.

"Catholics almost 60/40 are against Donald Trump," host Reid began. "Then why is it that white evangelicals, if everyone has the core theological basis, are alone in being so absolutely supportive of Donald Trump despite all his flaws?"

"It's not just the white evangelicals," Schaeffer replied. "There are conservative Roman Catholics like Laura Ingraham.  She had me on her show when I wrote a book about my son being in the Marine Corps."

"Look at her now, she's a convert to Catholicism and here we are in Holy Week culminating in Easter and she chooses this time to mock a teenager who stood up against gun violence," he pointed out. "Here is someone who had breast cancer, who survived it, Laura Ingraham did, and saying after she had breast cancer that she said she was going to reexamine her life and dedicate herself to higher things."

"Look at the fall that she has taken now," he continued. "A poster child for imitating Donald Trump's ugly intolerance. Imagine that, in Holy Week, at the time when Christians around the world are saying 'He is risen' ... mocking kids who stand against violence. Think about that, Joy. That's where we are."

"The mentality is, we follow Trump,not just into the gutter with his porn star presidency and the filth of his own past life and mob connections and the rest of it," he added. "We even now find these leaders following him into the intolerance where it is okay in their view to mock a teen who stands on violence. That is where we are this Easter morning."

Watch the video below via MSNBC: