'Putin has no further use for Trump': CNN analyst explains why Trump Tower lawyer just admitted Kremlin connections
Russian dictator Vladimir Putin - Screenshot

Why did Kremlin-connected lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya just admit that she's a Russian informant?

A CNN panel discussed that today, with everyone agreeing that it was something Putin wanted her to do—and wondering aloud whether it's just to sow more chaos, or if there is a greater strategy at play.

Brain Karem, said his sources are indicating that this may be the next phase in Putin's efforts to undermine the United States by exposing his help of Trump and further delegitimizing him.

"What this may signal is that Putin has no more use for Trump," he said. "The timing was specifically made for after he was exhorted in Congress...

This may be further psy-ops, said panelist Ryan Lizza, who pointed out that Vladimir Putin has a long record of denying and later admitting his actions.

"This is part of a vast covert action campaign run out of the Kremlim," said panelist Robert Baer. "They're using these proxies, like this lawyer... the old model of using the KGB has been dropped... Putin is bragging about this."

Watch below.