'There really is no end-game': Top attorney tells Trump and Cohen to give up on Stormy Daniels lawsuit
Adult film actress Stormy Daniels (left, via Shutterstock) and Trump's personal lawyer Michael Cohen (right, via screengrab).

Legendary criminal defense attorney Mark Geragos advised President Donald Trump and attorney Michael Cohen to give up their legal fight against Stormy Daniels.

"Another week and another, stormy development," CNN anchor Ana Cabrera noted. "The attorney for Stormy Daniels says that their case against President Trump is even stronger now that he has broken his silence and gone on the record about the hush money that she was paid."

"You have experience working with the celebrities and going up against other celebrities, what to you make of the new development?" Cabrera asked. "We didn't hear much from Trump, why is that significant from the standpoint, of what he did say?"

"Well, it is very significant and Michael is not prone to exaggeration when he says it is Christmas and Hanukkah all rolled up into one," Geragos replied. "If you are representing a client and the issue that you want to bring forth is that it is not a valid agreement, and Trump is saying that he knew nothing about the $130,000 payment gives you the ability to go in to do discovery on it, which means that is a deposition, things of that nature, and the testimony and presumably a jury trial as opposed to going straight to arbitration."

"And the other thing is, that when Trump invites the press to go talk and go ask Michael Cohen or see what he had to say and repeated it twice, that is arguably a waiver of the attorney/client privilege" he noted, "and so it's a one-two punch that I don't think that Michael Cohen is happy about."

Geragos offered the advice he would give.

"If I'm representing Michael Cohen or anybody else at this point, I would probably just dismiss [the case]," he suggested. "I mean, ultimately, at the end of the day, do you want really money out of somebody who doesn't probably doesn't have the deep pocket, namely Stormy Daniels?

"Are you going to send the U.S. Marshall around, if you do get a judgement, to collect from every strip club in America? I doubt it," he noted. "So there really is no end-game for money and the only thing you do is expose the president to being under oath and basically committing perjury."

"For a lot of the same reasons that you don't want him in front of Robert Mueller, you don't want him under oath with Michael asking him questions," Geragos explained. "If I were them, I would dismiss and move on."