Rick Wilson begged reporters and GOP to dig into Trump hush payouts in 2016 -- but they ignored him
Rick Wilson (Photo: Screen capture)

News organizations are starting to dig deeply into nondisclosure agreements signed by people who had knowledge of scandalous information about President Donald Trump.

However, two anti-Trump Republican operatives were aggressively pitching reporters to look into Trump's NDAs during the 2016 presidential election -- and when they got no takers, they started talking about Trump's hush money deals openly on Twitter.

On November 1 2016, nearly a week before the election, GOP operative Liz Mair went public with her pleas to look into agreements Trump had signed with multiple women.

"F*ck it, I'll just say it," she wrote. "Someone should be digging harder into NDAs that certain women have allegedly signed benefiting Trump."

Fellow anti-Trump operative Rick Wilson, meanwhile, spelled out questions reporters should be asking Trump just one day before the election. Wilson, like Mair, had tried getting reporters to dig into the NDAs during the 2016 Republican primary, before Trump got the nomination.

"Tell us about the NDAS and any payments made to women with whom you've been involved," Wilson wrote, assuming the voice of a reporter asking Trump questions. "Have you ever had your legal other staff issue cease and desist/NDA warning letters to women?"

Wilson also hinted that certain NDAs would show that Trump had in the past paid for abortions.

"Have you ever paid for an abortion or caused someone to do so?" he wrote, again assuming a reporter's voice. "How many? Who administers these requests if not you?"