Right-wingers freak out after Cosmopolitan magazine urges Stormy Daniels to run for office: 'Great idea libtards'
Adult film star Stormy Daniels -- screenshot

After Cosmopolitan ran an editorial about Stormy Daniels potentially running for office, a right-wing news blog and its followers lost it at the concept of the entertainer being elected.

"Seriously?" a headline at Newsbuster read. "Cosmo Wants Stormy Daniels To Run for Office – Again."

"The media’s extended coverage of porn star Stormy Daniels and her affair with President Trump has gone above and beyond a fever pitch," writer Corinne Weaver mused, though as GOP operative Cheri Jacobus noted, it's Newsbusters that appears to be "apoplectic" at the concept of the porn star running for office.

After recounting Daniels' 2009 Louisiana Senate run and berating liberal-leaning pundits for admiring the adult film actress as a "whistleblower" who is "fiercely funny," Newsbusters implored outlets further to the left to cease and desist.

"Stop it," Weaver implored. "Get some help."

Shortly after publishing the post, Twitter users began to share it with their own commentary.

"Great idea libtards," one user noted.

Another user who describes themselves as a "deplorable" suggested that Daniels is "banging her way" up the political ladder, but misspelled the word "up."

User Mike Posner, who joked in his bio that "covfefe is for closers," suggested that another person fills the "wh*re slot" in the Senate, and that Daniels can perhaps "fill that role in the House."