'Sloppiest thing I've ever seen': MSNBC's Velshi and Ruhle blast Trump and Kudlow for scaring investors with lies
Ali Velshi and Stephanie Ruhle (MSNBC)

MSNBC's Ali Velshi and Stephanie Ruhle ripped President Donald Trump and White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow for rattling the markets with disjointed and conflicting statements on the trade policy.

Kudlow made several appearances Friday morning on TV news programs, where he complained about China, and the president said the U.S. had already lost a trade war -- and the markets reacted skittishly.

"This is the sloppiest thing I've seen," Velshi said. "He says there's more tariffs -- China says there is, Kudlow says there isn't. Market is down 1.65 percent."

Ruhle said neither official's statements were accurate.

"Larry Kudlow said we want the least pain possible -- down 400 is painful," she said. "Markets reacting to this and the jobs report."

Velshi agreed the president was circulating bad information about the economy.

"The president keeps doing this and we keep pointing out it's wrong," Velshi said. "He says we have a $500 billion deficit with China -- it is $375 billion, still a lot of billions of dollars. I just don't know why the president keeps lying about this. We know we're on a TV set in the White House, so anybody in the White House who is watching this right now, please stop telling the president -- or tell the president to stop lying about the size of the trade deficit with China, then we can move on to other topics."

Ruhle said the president was also misrepresenting the price of aluminum and steel.

"He went on Twitter this morning saying, this is so great, we have jobs coming in, the price of aluminum is going down," Ruhle said. "Let's make something clear -- it went up in January in preparation for the it go down slightly last month because the aluminum and steel tariffs excluded our allies. No, sir, the price hasn't gone down -- it's up."