'Snitches get stitches': Watch MSNBC's Joy Reid speculate on the identity of Trump's 'drunk/drugged up' informant
MSNBC host Joy Reid -- screenshot

A gleeful Joy Reid read off President Donald Trump's manic tweetstorm from Saturday morning about the New York Times' Maggie Habermann and couldn't help wondering who Trump was referring to to when he called one of her sources a "‘drunk/drugged up loser."

Noting the Trump accusation, the MSNBC host attempted to narrow down the possibilities, saying: "We're going to a few people it could be."

"We don't know who he's talking about," Reid began. "We know that Roger Stone said some untoward things about Sam Nunberg. Ironically, says Sam Nunberg, Michael Cohen holds the leverage over Trump and he's a former aide for Trump and Mr. Cohen and Mr. Stone. Mr. Nunberg said Mr. Cohen should maximize that leverage. He added, 'whenever anyone complains to me about Trump screwing them over, my response is they have nothing compared to Michael."

Law Professor Paul Butler jumped in to add, "Yeah, today Donald Trump joined the 'don't be a snitch' movement. He might as well have added #snitchesgetstitches."

"Ask George Papadopoulos, ask Michael Flynn, Carter Page -- special counsel Mueller throws the book at you," he added. " You may not come in thinking you're going to cooperate, but when you leave that interview, you've pled guilty and have told or pledged to Mueller that you're going to tell him every dirty thing Donald Trump ever did."

Watch the video below via MSNBC: